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How to Clean Auto Speaker and Dark Mode on Xiaomi

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Xiaomi again presents a series of features to make it easier for its smartphone users . After the success of MIUI 12, it turns out that Xiaomi has also brought feature updates such as speaker cleaner and darkmode which can be set manually. So, want to know how to use these two features?


What do you imagine when you hear the word Xiaomi? Of course, everyone agrees that this smartphone brand always sets their smart phone at a relatively affordable price but with specs that are quite competitive with well-known brands with different price ranges. The term is economical price but exorbitant quality. This sentence is not wrongly carried by the xiaomi vendor.
It also provides their mobile phones with features that are highly anticipated by many users.


Actually there are many features that are present in Xiaomi, but this time we will discuss two features that are quite helpful. The first is dark mode and the second is automatic speaker cleaner.


Maybe there is no need to discuss at length again about this dark mode . Almost all users today know dark mode is a very useful feature. The main thing is that it looks elegant with a black background and also saves battery of course. It turns out that Xiaomi vendors have armed their products with these features and we can set them manually. Maybe many of us are not aware of this feature. For that inwepo will share the method below.


Before proceeding with manual dark mode , we will also discuss a little about the speaker cleaning feature. Most of us certainly often use speakers either when making calls, watching videos and also listening to music.

If you use it for too long, there will be a lot of dust and dirt that will also enter the speaker hole. Xiaomi really understands the complaint. Finally, they added a very useful feature, namely the automatic speaker cleaner. Where we used to clean the speakers with a tissue or cotton from the outside now will also be helped with cleaning from the inside of the cellphone itself.


1. To use dark mode is quite easy you just need to go to Settings . Then tap the View menu , then select Dark Mode . In Dark mode or dark mode you can also schedule it.

2. Go back to the Settings menu now select Home Screen , then select the Back Screen menu .

3. Select Menu background in Dark mode , then tap Apply .

4. To perform automatic speaker cleaning you just need to go to Settings again then tap Additional Settings and select the Speaker Cleaning menu .

5. Tap enable Speaker Cleaning menu . And automatically your smartphone will emit a unique sound to clean the speaker from the inside.


The two features above are very useful, right? The other one can help us save battery usage and make the eyes comfortable. Then the other one helps us to clean the speakers in parts that we may not be able to reach. Hopefully useful and good luck, friends.

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