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How to Send Photos on WhatsApp in HD Quality

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The WhatsApp application is one application that must be owned by smartphone users. How come? The WhatsApp application is the pioneer of all online chat applications that exist today. What’s more, until now the WhatsApp application continues to improve itself with various useful features that aim to make it easier for users to communicate.


Previously, many WhatsApp users complained about the quality of the photos in this chat application. So many users prefer to send important photos using email applications. Responding to problems such as the above, recently; WhatsApp application has just released a new feature called Uploaded Photo Quality.

By using this feature, users can easily send photos with the best quality in the WhatsApp application. Interestingly, in addition to changing the photo quality to HD, in the Upload Photo Quality feature you can also reduce the quality of the photos sent.


1. After the WhatsApp application has been successfully upgraded, just open the WhatsApp application on your Android device.

2. On the main page of the WhatsApp application, tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner on the main WhatsApp page. Find and tap the Settings feature .

3. Then, select and tap the Storage and Data menu .

4. Scroll down on the Storage and Data page, then find and tap the feature called Upload Photo Quality .

There are three photo qualities provided by the WhatsApp application, namely Automatic (Recommended), Best Quality , and Data Saver . Meanwhile, to be able to send photos in the WhatsApp application with HD quality, select Best Quality and tap OK . Done, now all the photos you send in the WhatsApp application will have HD quality.

5. However, keep in mind that the better the photo quality, the more internet data you use. If you want to send photos of sufficient quality and save internet data, you can choose Automatic (Recommended) or Data saver in the Upload Photo Quality feature.


With the Upload Photo Quality feature in the WhatsApp application, now you don’t have to worry anymore that the photos you send will be broken or blurry. Now your photos will look clearer than the previous photos, before the WhatsApp application had the Upload Photo Quality feature.

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