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How to Use the Share Screen Feature on Telegram

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The share screen feature when making video calls or teleconferences is now quite popular. Many applications are starting to offer this one useful feature. Likewise Telegram, not wanting to be left behind from its competitors, also added a share screen feature in its application. How to use it, keep reading this article until it runs out.


Share screen is a feature where we can share the screen display on our smartphone directly with other users via video conference or video call . This feature is indeed a new feature in the Telegram application, but among people who do WFH or work from home this feature is not a new feature, because video conference -based applications such as Zoom have adopted this feature in their application. Even so, Telegram indirectly shows that the Telegram application is not only an ordinary messaging application.

With the update of the share screen feature brought by Telegram, it is now starting to compete with applications that previously provided share screen features such as zoom and other teleconferencing applications .


Today, Telegram is an ideal choice as an all-in-one telecommunications application. Even according to news , Telegram’s share screen feature can be used on group video calls of up to 1,000 participants. Wow! Enough to win right? Well, if you are also interested in trying this great feature, you should know the step by step steps by following the tutorial below.


1. The first one to open the Telegram application, open the contacts section or one of the chats with other users. Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner to open the advanced menu, then tap the Video Call menu .

2. If the call is connected to the user you are going to, tap stop video . Then tap again on Start Video .

3. Next there will be an option to Share Video , you can use 3 options using the front camera ( Front Camera ), rear camera ( Back Camera ) and smartphone screen or Phone Screen . To share the screen, use the Phone Screen option , there will be a pop up to continue sharing the screen , tap directly on the Start menu .


One application a million benefits, what else if not Telegram. After previously spawning the video message feature, you can now also use it to share your screen as a host for participants when streaming video calls . Good luck!

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