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How to remove your name from Truecaller

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How To Remove Our Name From Truecaller ? – Hello friends how are you?  I hope you all are fine . Today i am going to tell you a very important information .   If you want to remove your name from Truecaller application so please read my article carefully because today i will tell you full step for remove your name from Truecaller.

How to remove your name from Truecaller application ?

I hope you all know that what is Truecaller? Truecaller is a mobile application which use we can see  those persons full detail who call us. If you have install Truecaller application in your smartphone so when any people will call you from unknown number you can see their name in your screen and when you will also call any unknown person he can see your details like your name and your address and your photograph. 

This all is possible from this application because this application analyses people’s phone book contact and get your full information. 

What is Truecaller ? 

First of all you have to go on Truecaller application and go in settings.

In settings you will see a privacy Center option click on these option.

Here you can see deactivate option you have to deactivate this setting. After that your name will successfully remove from Truecaller and this application will unable to share your name with others.


This article is ends here. In today’s article i told you that how to remove your name from Truecaller.  I hope you all are understood if you want to more informations please stay with us thank you

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